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Hey there, I'm Susannah and I run Kariki Studio which is committed to ethical production, 100% organic cotton and giving back. The things I am most passionate about in life are building a community and a better future for our kids to grow up in whilst going on a lot of adventures and having tons of fun!

I create Babywear for YOU - the stylish, free thinking, conscious, on the go Mum/Auntie/God Mother/ Friend who doesn't want to dress your loved little ones up in the same old highstreet stuff but in fun, soft, ethical, long lasting clothes that make a real difference in the world.

Most days you can find me at my studio in Liverpool daydreaming about having sundowners in Kenya. I am mostly known for my sweet tooth, laughing through life and being a big Panda fan. People often refer to me as an optimist (& sugar addict!) I love serving the world by making this cute, cool, and ethical babywear to give to your little adventurers!

When I'm not busy working on Kariki Studio you can catch me drinking Gin cocktails and running around with my sausage dog pup Rafiki. 

Wanna know more? Here are 5 things you may not know about Kariki Studio!

1. The name Kariki comes from two Swahili Words Karibu and Rafiki...know what they mean? Welcome and Friend!

2. I started off creating alllllll different products before I realised how much I loved doing babywear - I still have a fair few Giraffe print mugs in stock if anyone has a use for them?!

3. I came up with my dream of creating my own brand whilst living on my Auntie's Tea Farm in Kenya for 3 months...I can teach you all about 2 leaves and a bud!

4. My clothes are currently produced at a fair trade factory in Tanzania but I hope to soon produce in Kenya at the only Carbon Neutral Factory in the world!!

5. A bib with Patch the Panda on was the first thing I ever sold to somebody I didn't know - it gave me all the feels! (Small business owners really do do a happy dance with every sale!!)