At Kariki Studio we use 100% Organic Cotton. We do this for a number of reasons here are a few...

  1. Organic Cotton is safer for babies skin and won't cause allergies, rashes and respiratory problems which non-organic cotton has been known to.

  2. It produces a higher quality cotton - the organic fibres are stronger and consisitently produce a higher quality yarn.

  3. It's MUCH better for the enviroment - Organic Cotton doesn't use dangerous pesticides which poison the cotton farmers and pollute fresh water sources.

  4. Farmers who grow Organic cotton are also able to feed their families by growing crops on the same soil - something you can't do (because of the pesticides) with non-organic cotton.

We work with Fair trade Production partners who are committed to ensuring the health and safety of their employee's - 80% of the workforce in the garment industry are women who are often underpaid, forced to work long hours in unsafe conditions and are often victims of sexual, physical and verbal abuse - this is not ok. Let's continue to ask the question "Who made my clothes?"

Kariki Studio was born in Kenya and I am committed to building trade relations within Africa to build my company, our clothes are currently made in Tanzania with a hope to soon produce in Kenya at factories committed to job creation, fair trade working conditions, minimal environmental impact and wildlife protection - dress your babies whilst saving elephants, not bad eh?!